Water pumps


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Is a handy way to Water! Having adequate water and a viable watering system is vital for your garden or lawn. Submersible pumps work under high pressure, enabling water to be lifted from great depths.



Water pumps and dewatering systems are water control equipment that utilize pumping or evaporation to remove or drain various forms of water from construction sites, riverbeds, mine shafts, underground metro networks, tunnels, caisson, and even residential buildings. For many sites, these systems are critical during rainy season, periods of heavy rain, or for site in flood zones, as groundwater and rain can flood an entire site within just a few hours, causing delays, surface erosion, structural damage, downtime and more.

The main purpose of a water pumping system is to move water from one area to another. They are often applied to construction sites as a form of water extraction, assisting in the removal of water when excavating, at sewage plants, in flooded areas or when dealing with water wells and oil wells.


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