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Pruning Secateurs

This Pruner has tempered steel blade, Leaf Spring System and head of the pruner is especially Brass anvil Hardened for easy cutting of stems. These tools are specially used by Gardeners and Horticulturists.

Lawn Mower

The Easy-28 Premium Hand Lawn Mower by Falcon Garden Tools, a professionally organized company and a leading manufacturer and exporter of agricultural, horticultural, gardening and forestry tools.

Mini Garden Tool

Use the small and big towels for mixing the soil or packing it firmly, especially if the tree has low branches. This tool is meant for combing the roots, opening the root ball and removing old soil between the roots.

Electric Tools

Falcon Premium electric Lawn Mower is useful to produce the finest grass for small sized lawns.
25 Liter capacity collector bag means that you can cut more grass or cover a larger area without a break. Easy Drive Premium Electric Lawn Mower. For all those who want to get a evenly cut lawn, this Falcon Premium Easy-28 Hand Lawn Mower is a must buy.

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